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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Movies are back! (2)

Click on the picture to watch Emanuele laughing.

Movies are back! (1)

Click on the picture to watch and hear Emanuele!

From the last evenings

Thursday, November 23, 2006

5 months!!!

Today Emanuele turns 5 months. For some curious coincidence, his presence in our family officially started exactly one year ago (23rd November 2005) when we had the first echography and we had the prove that he was really on the way. In our year, different kind of emotions touched our hearts but all of them are deeply preserved in our memories. It is impressive and almost mystic to realize that the 18.8 mm long "bean" of the first picture is now the 5 months baby of the second picture who is discovering every day the world around him.

Eating, Playing, Smiling

Finally, a serious upgrade of my blog with lots of pictures from the last week. Enjoy!

At nonni Valenzano's: Emanuele is enjoying a yellow apple from Valenzani (my father's village close to Asti).

gnam gnam, slurp slurp!!!

In between one teaspoon and the other.

Let's start again!

Time to play a bit: Emanuele chooses his favourite toy among all the others
(not including his two books).
He can now catch stuff with his hands by his own.

Zio Enrico's joke... Emanuele's revenge will be terrible in a few years!!!

With nonna Livia.

And again.

Chatting in Skype with zia Chiara from Freiburg.

Evening close up while chatting with mom.

Laughing with mom.

Eating the foot.

Trying to catch his favourite glass (zia Chiara's present directly from Germany).

"I got it!!!"

Trying to convince daddy to taste some dark beer.

Looking at the glasses on the table....

"At last, some drinks also for me!!!"

With mom.

With dad.

Coming back home through the Olympic Path in Lingotto.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Album of the month

Blind Guardian - "A Twist in the Myth"

This Will Never End
Turn the Page
Carry the Blessed Home
Another Stranger Me
Straight Through the Mirror
Skalds and Shadows
The Edge
The New Order

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Petriatician's pit stop

Emanuele had this morning the 4.5 months check up at the pediatrician. Everything is all right! He is now 68 cm long. His weight is 6450 gr and his head's circonference is 42 cm. We have to wait until Christmas time to start with some real food as vegetable soup with meat, parmisan cheese and oil. We can't wait to see his faces while he will experiment this new way of eating.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chronicles from this weekend

Yesterday afternoon I went with my brother Enrico and my friend Umberto to Artissima 13, the annual Torinese appointment with contemporary art. Maurizio and Emanuele waited for me at 8-Gallery. They had the occasion to spend some time together: I had the digital camera so there are no pictures of it, but they went around, had a beer and attracted the attention of many young and less young women...

Emanuele was very impressed again by the Olympic Path
and by the Olympic Arch in Lingotto.

Artissima 13: a contemporary sculpture made with spoons only.

In the evening we went with zio Enrico to have a pizza.
Emanuele at the Pizzeria hoping to get something to eat.

For the first time, we tried today to give to Emanuele something solid to eat.
We started with a small piece of apple.
He was surprised by the taste, certainly different from mother's milk
but he seemed to like it anyway or at least to be interested in it and in this
new way of having food.

"Geeeee.... it's terrible!!!!"

"Let's try with mom now, she usually gives me something good....
bbbbbrrrrrr.... not this time!!!"

Dedicated to Emanuele's female fans around the world.

Ready for some reality show!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pix from the last weekend

Saturday we went for a walk on the Olympic Lingotto Path with zia Chiara.
Emanuele enjoyed the walk almost until 8-Gallery in his warm winter sack.

Emanuele & Maurizio with zia Chiara under the Olympic Arch.
More architectural pictures at
in the section "Torino".

Sleeping around.

We thought that it was time for Emanuele to try to enjoy music:
not only in a passive way but also actively.
We bought home one of our little keyboard and we put it in front of Emanuele: test passed!
As soon as Emanuele's hands capacity will improve we will post his first composition :)

Test passed also for the earphones :)
Emanuele Ritchie listened to his omonymous (Ritchie Blackmore) and he enjoyed it a lot...
...look at his face!!!

Indian style :)

Playing a Fender Stratocaster for the first time!

Enjoying daddy's Deep Purple cover concert :)