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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Eating, Playing, Smiling

Finally, a serious upgrade of my blog with lots of pictures from the last week. Enjoy!

At nonni Valenzano's: Emanuele is enjoying a yellow apple from Valenzani (my father's village close to Asti).

gnam gnam, slurp slurp!!!

In between one teaspoon and the other.

Let's start again!

Time to play a bit: Emanuele chooses his favourite toy among all the others
(not including his two books).
He can now catch stuff with his hands by his own.

Zio Enrico's joke... Emanuele's revenge will be terrible in a few years!!!

With nonna Livia.

And again.

Chatting in Skype with zia Chiara from Freiburg.

Evening close up while chatting with mom.

Laughing with mom.

Eating the foot.

Trying to catch his favourite glass (zia Chiara's present directly from Germany).

"I got it!!!"

Trying to convince daddy to taste some dark beer.

Looking at the glasses on the table....

"At last, some drinks also for me!!!"

With mom.

With dad.

Coming back home through the Olympic Path in Lingotto.


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