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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chronicles from this weekend

Yesterday afternoon I went with my brother Enrico and my friend Umberto to Artissima 13, the annual Torinese appointment with contemporary art. Maurizio and Emanuele waited for me at 8-Gallery. They had the occasion to spend some time together: I had the digital camera so there are no pictures of it, but they went around, had a beer and attracted the attention of many young and less young women...

Emanuele was very impressed again by the Olympic Path
and by the Olympic Arch in Lingotto.

Artissima 13: a contemporary sculpture made with spoons only.

In the evening we went with zio Enrico to have a pizza.
Emanuele at the Pizzeria hoping to get something to eat.

For the first time, we tried today to give to Emanuele something solid to eat.
We started with a small piece of apple.
He was surprised by the taste, certainly different from mother's milk
but he seemed to like it anyway or at least to be interested in it and in this
new way of having food.

"Geeeee.... it's terrible!!!!"

"Let's try with mom now, she usually gives me something good....
bbbbbrrrrrr.... not this time!!!"

Dedicated to Emanuele's female fans around the world.

Ready for some reality show!


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