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Friday, October 13, 2006

First email from Emanuele!!!

I am at work today after three days of some sort of light influenza. I know... I didn't accomplish my promise to post pictures of Emanuele... I usually menage to do what I say but I was really K.O. in the last days! Anyway, now I am fine. Maurizio got the virus from me while Emanuele is terribly OK and full of energy :) As I was saying I am at work today... and I just received an email... from Emanuele!!! Here is the text: ",..................... ., n om,kf ,owsp". And my answer is "AMOOOOOOREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!"

PS: please do not leave this blog and be sure that a lot of new pictures will be posted soon!!! THANKS for your patience!!!!


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