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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My personal DNA

My personalDNA Report

Monday, September 17, 2007

My photos

Two of my photos of Torino published on Flickr, have been selected for inclusion in the newly released third edition of the Schmap Turin Guide. Here the links:
Piazza Carlo Alberto - Palazzo Carignano
Piazza Carlo Alberto - Biblioteca Nazionale

Mission: IKEA - The day after

Mission: IKEA

Obviously we needed (and still need) some new things to fit everything in the new flat. So, two Sundays ago, the "IKEA Mission - phase 1" took place.

The new flat

As many of you well know, we moved a few weeks ago in our brand new flat. Works are still in progress but we are having a good time and we are enjoying putting everything in order... kind of enjoying let's say... anyway, here some pictures not really updated but still nice. Enjoy!

After MSSC2007

Two weeks ago I have been busy with MSSC2007 (Modeling in Solid State Chemistry 2007), the (almost) annual CRYSTAL school organized by my research group.... well... the research group where I work. On Friday evening, Maurizio and Emanuele came to pick me up at the Chemistry Department and we went for a pizza, to celebrate the end of a busy and tiring week but also the success of the meeting.