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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gods of Metal 2007

After more than a week of delay, here there are some memories from the Gods of Metal 2007 in Milano (Idroscalo). The annual Italian Metal outdoor venue took place the 2-3 June.
I went with Enrico and Umberto to enjoy the secon day (Sunday 3rd)
The program for that day was the following: Sinestesia (Italy), DGM (Itlaly), Anathema (England), Symphony X (USA), Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), Dimmu Borgir (Norway), Blind Guardian (Germany), Dream Theater (USA), Heaven & Hell (England).
The starting of the concert was characterized by mud, mud, mud, mud..... the previous day was rainy. Going on, the situation got a bit better thanks to the sun shining.
The result was a pleasant day of metal music in a good company in the middle of the italian metal people of every sort.

Dark Tranquillity on stage: great performance and.... the singer is really cool ;)

Some... official merchandise during a break....

Dimmu Borgir on stage..... darkness is coming!!!

Blind Guardian's turn: great performance!!!

Dark Tranquillity meet & greet.

Dark Tranquillity meet & greet: the singer :)))

Dream Theater on stage: terrific, fantastic, unique!!!!!!
With no doubts they are the theater of dreams!!!

The end: the sun is shining on the tired metaller heads!!!!