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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Training Course: fourth lesson

Today we had the fourth lesson of the delivery training course at Sant'Anna Hospital. Topic: how to take care of the baby (with some notions on how to take care of ourselves). All the two hours were dedicated to an infinite list of things we have and we do not have to do: for the first time I needed to take some notes... After all that mess of informations, I do not even know now where to start to tell you what new-parents are supposed to do with their little one, once he/she is at home!
Let's see... yes...

1) How and when is Emanuele supposed to be cleaned?
Typically, he will need a change after every meal. We have to clean him completely and with lot of care in order to avoid irritations. That sounds pretty obvious, I would say.

2) Which products can we use?
Generally some kind of baby-oil and baby-lotions, even though for the private parts water is always the best solution. No spunges (to be sterilized every time!!!), only cotton. Cream only in case of irritations.

3) How to feed him?
Assuming that everything will work properly and I will feed Emanuele, I have to give all my attention to him while he is eating. I can talk to him looking in his eyes in order to let him feel as the centre of my attention... it does not sound difficult, on the other hand, it sounds very natural. Since I have been talking to him all the previous months, I suppose it will come naturally for me to talk with him once he will be born.

4) When is it the right time to have the first bath?
As soon as the piece of the umbilical cord will drop, Emanuele will have his first bath. It looks like some newborn do not like it, as they had already forgot nine months of "fish-like life". I must say it sounded weird to me, but this is what the doctor assistant told us. Anyway, after the first moments of fear (if he will have them) the baby should like it. It is a good habit, since the beginning, to clean his head at least every two days.

5) Be careful not to be anxious: babies are very sensitive and can feel it! Just take it easy, if a difficult moment will come... easy to say now :|

6) Do not make comparison with other children... in other words, do not listen to what uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends and whoever will tell us about their children and children they know and bla bla bla... every baby is a different, new person with his needs and innate problems. Also comparison with That's it! We will need some time to know him and we will understand how to deal with him in the better way.

Of course, many and many other things were told us today but I think that at the end, the most important of them Maurizio and I will have to keep in mind in dealing with Emanuele, is to do what our hearts will tell us to do. It is true that he will be our first baby, but I am sure we are responsible enough to understand what is better for him to grow healthy not only in his body but also in his mind.


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