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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Training course: third lesson

Today we went to the third lesson of the training delivery course. We had a one hour and a half tour around all the floors of the Sant'Anna Hospital. Starting from the arrival at the E.R., we have been shown the labour and the delivery rooms. They look very comfortable and fully furnished to put the future mother and father in the condition to "prepare" properly for the delivery. The labour room is a private room complete of a fully furnished bathroom including a very comfortable shower and an hair-phone. The delivery room contains the tipical delivery "bed" and two other helps for the mother according to the natural position she will choose to deliver the baby. No constrictions will be imposed by the doctor and by his/her assistants. All the necessary to assist the newborn is of course in that room. We then saw the room where mother, father and baby will stay together for the two hours following the delivery: there, the mother and the baby will be monitored by the doctor. After that, we finally were taken to the nursery! Five newborns were there: four girls and a boy. They were sooooooo small! Their heads could stay in one adult hand! Not to mention those little hands! Just amazing!!! They looked kind of very similar to each other, but surely Emanuele will look different from all the others to our eyes!!!


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