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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some news...

I have been kindly "accused" not to take enough care of this BLOG... kind of true, actually... the main reason is that we (Maurizio, Emanuele and I) do not have so many news to share at the moment. Surely, things will change in the near future when Emanuele will be born: pictures and funny story will not be taken just for us!!! Be sure of that :) In the meantime, what can I tell you? Well, we started the last week the training course for the delivery at Sant'Anna Hospital. A doctor assistant will guide eleven future mothers to the moment that will probably be the most important of their lifes: giving birth to their babies. For a funny destiny, 9 of us are going to have a baby-boy. The first lesson was mainly focused on our questions and doubts about ALL the possible arguments; only the last fifteen minutes concerned a few exercises to train us in preparation of THAT very moment. Tomorrow morning we will go to the second lesson. As regards specifically Emanuele, he is always very active. I am experiencing some problems in sitting all the day at my desk, as he seems not to like it and not be able to find a right position to stay comfortable. Things are much better when I walk around. Same story during the nights: every time I change my position in the bed, he rearranges himself and I cannot avoid to notice it since now he is "big" if compared with the room he has to occupy. Only 49 days to go... if he will respect the estimated delivery date (4th July).


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