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Thursday, May 04, 2006

News about Emanuele

A week ago Maurizio and I went for the last ultrasound check and we saw our little treasure. He looked in very good health and full of energy. His hands were close to his mouth as he was carrying a sandwich ;) The doctor concentrated his attention to important things as head and brain, internal organs, arms and legs. We also saw his face for a brief moment. We heard again Emanuele's heart and that is always a great emotion. According to statistical analysis, his weight was roughly 1.7 kg and he was 43 cm long. Now, a week has passed and surely he is heavier and longer. He was already in the right position for the delivery: we are hoping he will not turn himself upside down. He does not have so much space to move now, so hopefully he will stay in this position. On the other hand he is very active and strong and he might change his mind... The 8th month of pregnancy started a couple of days ago: time is passing over very quikly and we can not wait for THE moment to come.


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