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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some news about Emanuele

Emanuele is growing fast now! His movements are stronger and stronger: a few days ago I got hypnotized in watching my belly going up and down while Emanuele was trying to arrange himself in a new position... to sleep better, I suppose :)
Since a few weeks, everytime I arrange myself in the bed, he moves as well. I got the impression he is complaining sometimes about the positions I get. In those cases it is enough to talk a bit to him and he seems to calm down. Maurizio's voice and hands are still very powerful.
The next Thursday Maurizio and I will go through the last ultrasound check: we are very excited about it and we can't wait for that moment to come! Then, the next time we will see our little treasure, he will lay in our arms! We are wondering about how it will be to have him with us and hug him live... soon we will be able to tell it... if words will be enough...


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