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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Steve Jobs' Quotes

On Fixing Apple

"The products suck! There's no sex in them anymore!"

On Gil Amelio's lackluster reign, in BusinessWeek, July 1997

"If I were running Apple, I would milk the Macintosh for all it's worth -- and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago."

Fortune, Feb. 19, 1996

"You know, I've got a plan that could rescue Apple. I can't say any more than that it's the perfect product and the perfect strategy for Apple. But nobody there will listen to me."

Fortune, Sept. 18, 1995

"The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That's over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it's going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years, or certainly for the rest of this decade."

Wired magazine, February 1996

Greatest Sales Lines Ever

"We made the buttons on the screen look so good you'll want to lick them."

On Mac OS X's Aqua user interface, Fortune, Jan. 24, 2000

"There are sneakers that cost more than an iPod."

On the iPod's $300 price tag, Newsweek, Oct. 27, 2003


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