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Friday, May 19, 2006

Second lesson of the training course

Two days ago we went to the second lesson of the training course for the delivery. Half an hour was dedicated to learn the natural positions that a woman can assume during the labour period before the delivery; at Sant'Anna Hospital every one of us will be left free to choose her own position, namely the position each of us will feel naturally. The doctor assistant will help us, following our natural instinct. This was a very important news, at least I felt very happy not to be forced to assume "classical" position... I will use gravity as much as I can :) The rest of the time was dedicated to the description of the labour period itself: according to the doctor assistant, that is the most painful part of all the "business" and it is very important for the woman to know it very well in order not to rush to the hospital before the real labour is started. Time will go slowly enough so that we can have all the time to relax, think clearly about what we have to do... and calm down the father... the fact that the father will be more stressed than the mother, at the beginning of the labour, is apparently a universal constant! So, we will start probably a few hours (maybe days) before, feeling some painfull at the bottom of the belly: that is not the starting of the labour yet! Only after that period (that can change of course from woman to woman) we will start the real labour period... and apparently it is impossible not to notice it. The painful will start from the top of the belly and we will feel the peak (a very strong peak!) of it every 2-3 minutes for something like 30-40 seconds. Now we are in labour! At this stage, we have still the right not to rush to the hospital: the assistant told us that it is better to stay at home the more one can. I can agree with her, but I must also admit that probably at that stage you just want to have the confort of some professionist telling you that everything is going well and so on. Anyway, we can have a hot shower to relax the muscles (20 minutes is fine) and than we can go to the hospital. We will arrive at the emergency room where the baby and then I will be monitored; then we will be put in a single "labour room". Maurizio will be with me and Emanuele so we are both sure that everything will go well! He will help us during all the labour period. When the dilation will be complete, we will be moved in the delivery room and after a not well defined period (that is different from woman to woman) Emanuele will see the light and we will finally see him!!! He will be put on my breast in order to help him having soon some milk. After all the emotions will be reach a human level again, someone will clean and dress Emanuele. Apparently that will be a kind of trauma for him, after nine months of freedom from society constrictions! Anyway, once Emanuele will be "ready" for the world, we all three will be put in a private room and Emanuele and I will be monitored for two hours. After that, we will be ready to reach our hospital room and stay together for all the time we will spend at the hospital (usually no more than 4 days).


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