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Friday, May 26, 2006

READ THIS: Italian Politicians' Salaries

Some weeks ago, on the "Espresso" magazine, a paper appeared about a recent decision taken by the Italian Goverment. It concerned the increasing of the salary for the politicians "working" in the Italian Parliament: the amount has been decided to be equal to 1.135,00 every month. The decision was taken by ALL the politicians, without any expection (impressive, isn't it?). Besides, this decision was hidden, namely it does not appear in any official document.

Monthly Salary: 19.150,00 Euros;
Basic Salary: 9.980,00 Euros;
Assistant (portaborse) usually a relative: 4.030,00 Euros;
Monthly House Rent Refund: 2.900,00 Euros;
Insurance: from 335,00 to 6.455,00 Euros.


Besides all that:

Mobile Phone: free;
Cinema Tickets: free;
Theater Tickets: free;
Bus/Tram/Metro Tickets: free;
Stamps: free;
National Airplane Tickets: free;
Use of Motorways: free;
Sport Facilities: free;
National Trains: free;
Official Governamental Airplane: free;
Embassies: free;
Hospitals: free;
Insurance against Death: free;
Car including driver: free;
Restaurant: free (in 1999 they have eaten and drunk for free, with an expense
equal to 1.472.000,00 Euros).

They get a salary and have the right to retire after 35 months of "work" at the Parliament. A normal Italian citizen has to work AT LEAST 35 years to get a pension.

They get back something like 103.000,00 as refunding for the electoral expenses (by violating in this way the law against the fundings for the political parties). Moreover, previous Presidents of the Republic, of the Senatus and of the Parliament have advantages for all their lives (example: Mr.s Pivetti has an office, a secretary and an escort always at her service, for free!)

Italian politicians produce a damage equal to,00 (1 BILION and 255 MILIONS) Euros to their own country.

The Parliament costs to Italian people something like 2.215,00 Euros, EVERY MINUTE!

Talk about it because these infos can be read only through the net...

Have a nice day.....

Thanks to the guy who sent me these infos (he knows who he is!)


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mi sa che abbiamo sbagliato tutto nella vita....
zia Chiara

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

come al solito..."divisi" in tutto, si "dimenticano" della componente sociale di uno Stato, ma quando vogliono occuparsi dei loro interessi non fanno nessuna fatica a mettersi d'accordo...passano gli anni i governi ma i loro aumenti salariali vengono sempre aggiornati ai loro bisogni. I NOSTRI dipendenti non cambiano mai!
E poi non ci si deve incazzare...ma come fai?!

At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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