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Sunday, December 10, 2006

In the last 10 days

Eating some bread... at last!!!

Getting bored on the tram #18.

Trying out the new "chair" so that we can all go to the restaurant and to pizzeria sometimes.

Eating a "grissino stirato a mano".

"Gnam... I did a good job so far..."

Baby "birba"...

...first damage for nonni Valenzano.

With Javier at nonni Valenzano's, the day before he left for Christmas Holiday.

First time with a real shirt :)

On tram #18 towards another zia Laura...

With zia Laura (bis): long time Maurizio's friend.

"She is a good looking woman...."

".... I like her!!!"

"Do I have a sister?!?!?!" (we had the impression that Emanuele thought this doll was a real person since he did not try to "eat" her and he looked her straight into her eyes.)

Merry Christmas!!!! (#1)

Merry Christmas!!!! (#2)


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