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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Buon 2007!!!

Another year is gone. A special year for us with Emanuele's birth. A year full of emotions and happiness. With more tears of joy than of sorrow. A new year is going to start in a few hours: we want to wish to everyone an healthy year first of all. And that the 2007 might bring to you what you are still looking for. I found Maurizio some years ago and together we had Emanuele. I am healthy and surrounded by people who love and respect me. I have a job that allows me to do what I like and have fun with it. I think it is enough if I ask only one thing to this new year: please, let everything stay as it is!

"But, we can't transform our origin
Atoms stay atoms forever
The senses of Nature will always win
In this earthly endeavour
From quantum theory to rustic haven
The laws of origin control birth
From feeble fool to strong maven
Everyone inherit the earth"
Borknagar - Epic (2004)


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