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Monday, September 11, 2006

Emanuele's improvements

Every day Emanuele grows and makes progress in interacting with the world around him. He is now 11 weeks old (2.5 month) and his weight is 5.2 kg. He stays awake more and more and he is very active all the time. Sometimes he is only observing stuff around him, often he moves vigorously in his baby carriage or in the bed, often he tries to express himself. He follows people moving around him and he can volountary smileā€¦ especially to women! He can vocalize for many minutes now, making some kind of real speech. Since two days it is like he tries to stress some expressions by changing the intonation and the volume of the sound he is emitting. Sometimes I have the impression he is complaining for something and when I try to feed him in these occasions he calms down immediately, so I guess this is his new way of asking to be fed. He used not to like the tram and the bus from his new baby carriage at the beginning, but now he is probably used to it and he simply looks around him falling quietly asleep after a while. Also he has realized to have the feet and with the improvements of the use of his hands, he will probably soon catch them (he did it already three times but probably without realizing what he was doing). He is loosing his hair and the new ones look blond. His eyes are turning either blue or green (I will be surprise if they would ended up to be dark). Last but not least, he can now sleep every night all night through, and apart from those days of hot and humid weather, he eats now 5 (sometimes 6) times a day.


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