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Monday, September 11, 2006

A hot week

And again… back online after an entire week of silence. As the title says, it has been a hot week... in every sense. First, the weather: we had 4 days of high humidity in Torino. None was anymore used to that, so it was not easy to survive at the usual rythm of a busy day. Second, the CRYSTAL school: I had to go to Chemistry Department every day partially for the school and partially to work with Klaus, a German researcher of the group. Despite everything, Emanuele behaved as an angel all the week. He went with Maurizio at work in the afternoon both Monday and Tuesday. It was tough for me to leave home and see Emanuele and Maurizio on the balcony weaving at me while I was going to the tram stop. It was the first time I was leaving Emanuele after the pregnancy. I was worried that Emanuele could be angry with me for “abondoning” him so early and that he could suffer for some kind of “trauma” for this separation. Well, probably I was the one to be worried to suffer! Actually the day passed quickly and I must say that leaving the Department to come back home in the evening was very exciting. I was going to see my little one after a nice and useful day of work. And when I arrived home he smiled at me, vocalizing his “EN’GUUUUU” of happiness. And that was just a terrific moment! Tuesday was easier of course and everything went well. On the other three days of the week Emanuele came with me to Chemistry. As I mentioned above, he behaved very well despite the hot weather and the humidity. He slept, ate and played with the people of the group. Everyone is always surprised by his good mood and spirit of adaptation. At this time I can say that it is not only by chance that Emanuele is behaving so well when not at home. It really looks like he enjoys to be with other people and in new places. And this is very incouraging for me and Maurizio and specially for his future. Let us hope that he will go on this way.


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