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Monday, July 31, 2006

Weight checking & food

Today we brought Emanuele to his pediatrician. She will be on holiday for a month, so we decided to see her before the usual visit between the second and the third month. Actually we went to ask her a list of questions... twelve questions to be precise to which she answered with kindness and patience. Among all the other doubts we had, we came back home reassured about our way of dealing with Emanuele, with his crying crisis and with my way of feeding him. We also had the occasion to weight him again after almost 2 weeks. We could not bring him to the national health service in the last weeks because of the hot weather, being the timetable for this service between 2 and 3 in the afternoon (no comment!). Anyway, Emanuele is now 4250 gr and 54 cm long: this means that from the birth he gained more than a kilo and 5 cm of length. I would say that feeding is going well and I must admit that I am very proud of this :)
We were not that surprised actually since it is pretty obvious that Emanuele likes to eat. Besides, with the hot weather of the last week, he used to ask for it every two hours! Now things are going a bit better, with a request every 3 hours on average... even though, still every excuse is good for him to try to obtain some extra milk...

Emanuele is trying to convince me that it is time for lunch... while it is not!

Not obtaining anything from me, Emanuele is trying to convince Maurizio to convince me that it is time for lunch...


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