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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tons of photos!!!

In reverse temporal order: from tonight to a some days ago....

Drinking alone.

Helping dad in packing.

and helping again.

Eating alone real pasta as mom and dad.

"I am soooooooooo good!"

"I am sooooooooooo dirty!".

Tasting the birthday present from Holland: thanks to Kees, Anja and Olga.

Checking the size.
Thanks to our dutch friends also for the dutch book:
Animals of the farm.

The "scivolo" for the first time!

Another "giostra".

On the Ferrari Testarossa.

The sleeping beauty.

Enjoying zio Enrico's birthday present.

Again the sleeping beauty.

Vaccination day (see Emanuele's arm): learning in drawing with pencils.

And the cloaks again.

Mom and dad's birthday present: an electric guitar :)

Look also at thar marvellous t-shirt portraiting one of my photo published on Flickr.
Thanks to Carla Roetti for the great idea :)

Still playing the guitar.

23rd June 2007: Emanuele with mom and dad in pizzeria.

Sleeping on the "passeggino".

Listening the beating heart.

Waiting for mom after lunch.

Simply too cute not to be published!

Helping nonna Livia during the cleaning.

"Stop it with all these photos!!!"


At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Federica said...

incredibbileee la tutor di chimica fisica A (auaua tanto l'ho dato l'esamee meno male)! pazzesco ho trovato il blog.. senza cercarlo, chiaramente. hai un bambino assolutamente STUPENDO complimenti! (e ancora grazie degli esercizi, solo con le lezioni di dovesi sarei morta!)
una del secondo anno


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