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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Ciccio Bello"

I am presenting to you the last and most sophisticated version of the famous doll "Ciccio Bello". This model, unique on the market, can act as a real baby-boy. Among the other features: he can cry with different level of volume and in many different ways according to his needs (eating, being changed, caring, belly pain, boring). He can also produce very realistic body-liquids both from the mouth and from his cute bottom. Not to mention the possibility to pee everywhere (also on his own head!) while you have almost finished to change him. Last but not least, his skin is as soft as silk, his body is as warm as a heater, his smell is as sweet as talcum and he can give you back all the love you are able to give to him, only with a smiling look!


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