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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let's try to do something!

Since a few days, Emanuele and I wake up early when Maurizio leaves to go to his part-time job. At 7:30 we are always up, now. Yesterday I had a list of things to do: clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, do some work for the CRYSTAL group, prepare a decent lunch. Since Emanuele's baby carriage is too hot in these days, I decided to put him in the baby carriage for the car and to try to distract him with his new toy... it worked for 15 minutes, only the time to decide where to start to clean the kitchen... any suggestion on how to come back to some kind of normal life where I can decide about MY time?!?!?! And where MY time is not organized by a 50 cm human being?!?!?! Not to mention the fact that with this hot weather, Emanuele wants to eat every two hours! I guess I have only to wait for things to set up naturally. By the way: today I menaged to clean the bathroom :) Thanks little one!!!


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