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Friday, June 16, 2006

Training Course: sixth lesson

Two days ago we had the sixth lesson of the delivery training course at Sant'Anna Hospital. Arguments: woman's health after the delivery and respiration during the labour. The first argument mainly concerned the description of the physical consequences of delivery a baby and how to take care of the body in the proper way. A concerns respiration, we learned that in normal condition, women breath with the upper part of the body while men breath with the belly. A pregnant woman change this situation by breathing with the belly. For this reason, during the delivery, we have to force ourselves to breath as we usually would do and then pushing the air in the belly and push. In this way, if pushing is done properly in 3-4 steps the baby will be out. Hope I can remember in those moments, all the tricks I am learning in this course... my memory starts to be a bit saturated... I will soon need a reboot...


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